How to properly reward a horse?

14 Giugno 2019 News

How to properly reward a horse?

How to properly reward a horse?

Reward a horse is a common habit in the horse riding in all exercises and disciplines. As reward is usually meant small quantities of any kind of food horses really love: a sweet, a carrot, a fruit or any kind of snack and cookies especially created for horses available in so many different kind on the market, some even with gourmet flavor. Often the treat is used as reward for many reasons: someone does it to explain the horse that is the right way to do an exercise, someone else to reward an intense effort and other just to show their love to the horse.

By the way rewarding is really discussed on science basis and also on training matter.

According to science, since horse is herbivore and finds easily a lot of food naturally, he doesn’t consider food as rewards. In contrast to predatory animals, who giving up and donate food to their counterparts has an enormous value for. By the way experiences show, how much horses love treats when something tasting is given to them.

To enhance the positive effect, it is important to reward your horse in the proper way finding a good routine to avoid wrong or spoilt behaviors, as being intrusive. Only paying attention to the atmosphere of the reward moment it is possible to get the best of training and not encouraging even accidentally bad habits. For example is fundamental rewarding ever in the same position and way, to make the horse respect our own personal space. Moreover the time between the exercise to reward and the moment the treat is given should be really short, to get the horse make the connection  between the two things.

The treat should be chosen carefully, in quality and quantity, in order not to waste the effort of a daily balanced diet. It is important to choose teats without any added sugars or by product, attractive for horses and possibly without any additives, preservatives, coloring or flavoring. Guidolin Equisnack has got all the features, moreover they actually have real pieces of the ingredients and they are available in 5 different flavors. Tasty and healthy in apple, carrot, cereals and vanilla, garlic and linseed flavors.

Moreover it is good to remember even just cuddling and enjoying a relaxing moment with your horse is a reward  and this simple gesture can enhance the treats effect. It is good to observe your horse to reward him in its favorite way, to improve training and its well-being.