Wafer Fioc | Horses

Guidolin Wafer Fioc

Wafer-Fioc is a healthy complete horse feed, with high quality long fiber forage and flaked cereals. It comes in a compacted 1.5 x 1.5 inches “biscuit”, that crumbles easy. Wafer Fioc is highly digestible, healthy, nutritive, tasty and with a great biological value of its ingredients.
Forage: Thanks to the innovative process the long fiber forage (on average 6-8 inch) are retained so they improve the gastrointestinal transit and the biscuit format also improves the digestion stimulating longer chewing and salivation.
Flaked cereals: cereals are steam cooked and subsequentially laminated.
Our unique process changes theirs chemical, physical and organoleptic features increasing digestibility and palatability. Moreover it makes a complete sterilization and elimination of anti-nutritional factors. It allows the gelatinization of starch, so its transformation into dextrins and less complex sugars and the subsequent loss of crystalline structures, which further improves digestion.
Wafer Fioc can be soaked with warm water for older horses with poor teeth, respiratory problems, or those prone to choking. It must always be feed with a daily source of fresh and clean water.


Feed formulated for sport-horses, containing complete long-fibre, in order to provide the rich source of energy required for high-performance activity. This is an all-in-one feed which contains long-fibre, highly digestible proteins, in addition to minerals and vitamins to ensure maximum athletic performance. It also ensures the nutrient requirements and energy suitable for mares and foals.



High quality long-fibre feed designed for medium-high sport horse, thanks to its winning combination of digestible flaked and high fibre content which cover a wide range of nutritional requirements. Dust-free cubes, with ease of handling and feeding, allow feed intake control ensuring an optimum respiratory condition of horses.