Cocco bed | Eco-friendly bedding

2G Pet Food - USA

Cocco Bed is the 100% vegetable fiber litter, ideal for many animals. Soft, smooth and easy to distribute and to maintain booth during the initial preparation and the maintenance, since solid part stays well separated and become easy to remove. The highly liquid and odor absorption make the litter always dry, odor-free and dust-free. It is not palatable for animals.
Healthy and hygienic
Always completely dry dust-free and chemicals-free harmful to animals and it is suitable to allergy-prone animals.
Super Absorbent
2,8 oz of Cocco Bed absorb more than 2 gallons of liquid. Its fiber absorbs the urine and its ammonia, deleting bad odors and keeping the litter dry and comfortable.
Suitable to
It is a very good litter for cat, rodents (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice etc.), and it is perfect for reptiles (snakes, geckos, iguanas, tortoises, etc.). It is suitable for amphibians (frogs, tree frogs, newts, etc.) and ideal for birds (loris, nectarines, insectivores, frugivorous, quails, etc.).


  • Healthy and hygienic
  • Natural and compostable
  • High deodorant and absorption power
  • Retains ammonia
  • Does not stick to fur

Spread the Cocco Bed evenly in the box, cage or terrarium glass case, in accordance with the specified quantities. It’s possible to moisten the coconut bed by spraying water onto it. For best results, remove the manure and leave the fiber outdoors. After use, it is a great compost, which can be disposed with organic waste. Turning it once a week makes the product last longer.