10 January 2020 News

How to feed senior dog?

Unfortunately even dogs age and if your faithful mate to you is always the tender puppy that you brought home or the dog in need of affection adopted when adult, adapting the way you feed your senior dog is the key to a long and healthy life.

As for us, age can brings pathologies, disorders and lifestyle changes that make necessary changing dog’s nutrition. But be careful not to generalize: although there are indicative benchmarks that indicate the beginning of old age for breed or size, each case is unique and must be evaluated individually with the help of the veterinary and periodic check-ups.

The dog feeding must not be abruptly changed by the presumed beginning of old age, but it is recommended follow even more scrupulously some simple rules useful at all ages, where the quality is the basis.

Some  key points to feed senior dog ​​are:

  • reduce sugars, also present in carbohydrates to prevent diabetes which tends to occur in old age and other related disorders
  • supply fresh and clean water, to guarantee the hydration for the healthy functioning of all the organs
  •  increase fibers intake, since with water its helps the good intestinal transit
  • prefer quality and light protein sources such as chicken and fish, for easier digestion
  • follow a lighter diet both in terms of quantity and caloric intake. The natural exercise decrease reduces the daily nutritional requirement and the greater digestion sensitivity makes it preferable to reduce portions and choose lighter foods
  • increase meals, dividing the total daily ration into several portions during the day to ease digestion
  • adapt the diet to oral health. Dental problems that often come with age make it necessary to prefer moisty and easily chewable food

A great solution to improve your old dog diet is Diet Flakes. A rich mix of quality cereals, vegetables and legumes to provide a healthy and cleanly-processed fibers intake. All its ingredients are steamed cooked to maintain all their precious nutrients and to be light and digestible. The soft producing process also provide a tasty product: all cereals, vegetable and legumes flavors are protect and enhanced. Substitute from 10 to 25% of your usual dog food with Diet Flakes to assure your dog a proper fiber intake.

Diet Flakes is perfect with any kind of dog food; dry, moisty, homemade and raw. Just wet the products with hot water or broth, stir and serve after few minutes to get an easily chewable food, suitable also to elderly.

This solution will help you adapting easily your dog diet to its age gradually, keeping its usual dog-food and combining taste and health.