Flaked cereals for horses – Granpremium

Guidolin Flaked Cereals


Granpremium is the complementary feeds of natural raw cereals (maize, corn, oat and barley) carefully selected and processed using the latest technology in steam cooking and flaking. This technique increases nutritional values, enhancing absorption and digestibility of cereals and legumes and assures superb sanitary qualifications. The use of flaked cereals for horses allows also an improvement of the satiety sensation and optimizes the use of feeds of a low biological value. Moreover flaked cereal through this special process are naturally highly palatable and the formulation is constantly checked to provide horses a constant balanced diet.

High quality feed for horses under agonistic activity that perform at intense levels of activity. A well-balanced blend of cereals and legumes, protein and fat from different sources to meet the high energy requirements of the athletic horse. Flaked horse feed, highly digestible thanks to steam cooking and enriched with minerals and vitamins to improve the performance and to maintain the health and wellness of the equine.

Granpremium is enriched by vitamins and mineral and being high in fats and proteins is a great source of quality nutrients to support intense activity or to help recovery. It substantives and support the natural muscular structure of horses.

Feeding suggestion:
Feed 1 Ibs Granpremium each 100 Ibs of horse weight. Feed also fresh forage or hay and provide a fresh, clean and always available source of water.


Key Benefits:

  • Feed digestibility and palatability
  • Complete sterilization
  • Elimination of the anti-nourishing factors
  • Enhancing the satiety sensation