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Wafer Fioc – complete feed for all classes of horses. Premium long fiber feed, suitable for horses and ponies in moderate or intense work. Its winning combination of high fiber content and digestible flaked cereals, covers a wide range of nutritional requirements, providing protein, fats, digestible fibers and energy sources to optimize the horse’s health and to maintain muscles and body condition. Lowers starch content formulated for today’s performance. Dust–free cubes represent an healthy dietary choice for horses with respiratory problems, allow intake feed control, with ease of handling and feeding.

Flaked cereals – high quality feed for horses under agonistic activity that perform at intense levels of activity. A well-balanced blend of cereals and legumes, protein and fat from different sources to meet the high energy requirements of the athletic horse. Flaked horse feed, highly digestible thanks to steam cooking and enriched with minerals and vitamins to improve the performance and to maintain the health and wellness of the equine.

Equisnack – the natural line of treats and snacks for horses. 100% natural products, made with Human Grade ingredients, only the highest quality raw materials are used carefully baked into crunchy snacks. An excellent handmade biscuit with flaked cereals, real pieces of fruits and vegetables, garlic and linseed.

EquiBar, (MobilityHemofluid) the newest brand from Guidolin Horses, is an innovative product that aims to support the wellbeing and health of horses. These special functional bars are created with the use of herbal ingredients and all-natural plant substances that can provide effective therapeutic treatment of major horse illnesses.


Complementary flaked feed for dog, that suits all kind of dog food: wet food, dry food, homemade food and raw food as Barf diet. The flakes of steamed vegetables and cereals enrich the diet with the right amount of fibre, which helps digestion and intestinal transit, as well as keeping skin healthy and a shiny coat.

Dog Cookies, 100% natural products, only the highest quality ingredients are used carefully baked into crunchy snacks. An excellent handmade biscuit with flaked cereals, fruits and vegetables. The best reward snack for your dog between meals or for training.

Natural foods for small pet rodents and rabbits, made to provide a balanced daily diet, full of important nutrients for their well-being. Choose Wafer feed because it is innovative and practical to serve. Cubes of hay with or without cereals provide the daily fibre requirement.

Cocco bed, only 100% vegetable fibre! This innovative coconut fibre litter is ideal for cats and small animals.


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