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Diet Flakes a special blend of natural cereals, legumes and vegetables, the best fiber integration for your dog meal. The steam-cooked cereals and legumes improve the assimilation of nutrients and facilitate digestion. Handy while travelling, ideal during stress time of our little friends and recommended for illness recovery. Diet Flakes, natural integration of flaked cereals. | There are numerous benefits after a few weeks of use: fur that is shinier and brighter, more active intestinal system, greater vitality, ideal weight maintenance.

Moist or not?
Diet Flakes is a flaked food that supplements daily feeding, adding the fibres of vegetables, cereals and legumes to your dog nutrition. You don’t need to change your dog’s diet, nor the brand of food you use, you just need to integrate it to pamper its well-being! The product suits all kind of dog nutrition: dry-, wet-, home cooked- or raw- food.
The best way to integrate is:
Dry/croquette diet: add the flakes to the usual dry food in a bowl and blend until the mixture becomes homogeneous. For small dogs, soften the Diet Flakes by pouring 1 inch of water into a bowl and stirring until it becomes a smooth soup, then add the croquettes.
Moist/canned diet: mix moist food with Diet Flakes along until it becomes a smooth soup and serve.

Key benefits

  • Shinier and brighter fur
  • More active intestinal system
  • Dietary-purifying function
  • Greater vitality
  • Ideal weight maintenance
  • Suitable to all dog breeds and all ages

Recommended use and dosage

Feed it to your pet as a partial replacement (from 10% to 25%) of the normal daily diet of all food types: dry food, wet food or home-made. Increase up to 50% in case your dog is severely overweight. We recommend using the product after adding water or broth, and making plenty of fresh water available.