How to avoid winter muscular diseases?
6 February 2019 News

How to avoid winter muscular diseases?

How to avoid winter muscular diseases?

Cold weather can lead to horses motoric diseases as limps stiffness. Why these diseases can occur?
First of horses are exposed to cold temperature, which has a strong impact on muscles and articulations and can sadly also increase pain caused by chronic disease.
During these weather circumstances exercise should be made really carefully. It must include a relevant phase of warm-up to avoid soreness and injury, since muscles need a longer time to warm-up.
Another cause is strictly connected to the ground condition. Snow and frost are not the only dangerous elements; also just a hard or frozen ground can increase the horse slipping and intensify the stress limps have to sustain.

How is it possible to avoid this disease?

Few and easy tricks can really help.
It’s important never to skip a significant warm-up phase, made before simply walking the animal and then riding it and walk for about 10 minutes and as well a gradual cool-down phase at the end of exercise.
Also a right horse feeding play and big role on keeping its muscles and articulations healthy: high quality and long fiber forage, alfalfa and cereals should all be in a right and balanced percentage to provide the best diet to your horse.
Some products can also heal and prevent muscular soreness, helping the animal to find again its well-being. Few of them can provide effective results only with natural components, as Equibar Mobility the handy herbs bar great to heal muscular and articulation soreness and amazing to prevent any kind of articulation diseases.