How much does a horse eat?

How much does a horse eat?
15 Aprile 2019 News

How much does a horse eat?

How much does a horse need to eat?

Many of us believe horses need to eat all day long, thinking about horse living in the wild and spending their day gazing grass. However their feeding habits have changed substantially according to their life style.

The natural evolution and the breeding selection have modified also the horse digestive apparatus, developing for some breed the predisposition to some diseases.

Even the quality and quantity of the exercise in substantially increase regard the wild life, when the only intense exercise was escaping from the predators. Nowadays horses made the most different activities needing much more energy, such as sports or heavy work.

Even the housing had a strong impact on the horse lifestyle changing their natural habitat.

People are convinced horses have a sweet tooth and really love eating. This it is not fully truth: the horse can control its appetite according to its nutritive needs. Therefore a horse not absorbing all nutrients, commonly due to low quality feeds, keep eating big feed amount. Otherwise a horse feeds with nutritive, high quality and digestible feeds can control hunger till autonomously manging its daily feed ration, once it has reached its optimal physical structure.

Thanks to all this reasons a horse don’t need to keep eating, when feed according to a balanced and high quality diet the horse is seated and absorb the right power supply.

Feed specifically develop for horses such as Wafer Fioc, offer an easy solution to all nowadays feeding needs. Palatability, satiety, right nutrients content, constant quality checks and the handy format are the main features of Wafer Fioc assuring a tasty and balanced meal and most important a constant diet all year long.