6 December 2019 News

Dog’s diabetes: which are the signs?

Diabetes affects not only humans, but even dogs and cats. As for us an early diagnosis can avoid unpleasant implications. Diabetes is the result of a lack of insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. The diabetic dog has a high concentration of sugar in the blood that can be a health threat.

Dog’s diabetes can be of different types and a veterinary visit is the only way to diagnose it, to  detect the causes and to find a suitable therapy. An quick diagnosis can avoid bad consequences, such as the cataracts and vision decrease. For this reason, the owner daily check is essential to notice the dog’s diabetes signs.

Pay attention when you see your dog:

  • gets more hungry
  • gets more thirsty
  • urinates more
  • losses weight

Once diagnosed, living with diabetes is easy and can assure a long and quality life as a healthy dog, when some basic rules are followed. First of all, the right medical therapy, which will be studied by the veterinarian, a proper exercise time and suitable nutrition. The veterinarian can give you some guideline for the last two points, but for these your as owner play a key role on your pet’s health.

The dog body weight should be the beginning point when structuring a diet, if overweight or underweight. Then a diabetes suitable diet should have no sugars, include fibers-rich foods as legumes and cereals such as oats, barley and rye to decrease sugars absorption and then includes high quality protein sources, better of animal origin. Diet Flakes are an extremely versatile way of assure a daily fiber intake to your dog. Combine Diet Flakes to any animal protein source, better a lean one as white flesh and fish in the way you prefer: dry, wet, homemade or raw.

Moreover, pay attention also when choosing your dog treats: avoid those rich in sugars and use wisely even the ones containing only fruit, since it is naturally sugars-rich. Treats suitable for diabetic dogs are the biscuits of the Herbs line: Rosemary Cookies; Salvia Cookies and Basil Cookies which provide a healthy snack with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors and the properties of aromatic herbs rosemary, sage and basil.

Taking care daily of your dog’s diabetes with few simple habits, can guarantee him a long and healthy life, with the pleasure of tasty food, which is also diabetes-friendly.