Nutrition for dog in preparation for summer season

16 June 2020 News

Nutrition for dog in preparation for summer season

In this article we’ll see some advice and nutrition for dog in preparation for summer season. When the weather begins to become milder and the days get longer the desire to go out and practice outdoor activities also increases. However, we have to pay attention to some precautions for the new season to come, which in some cases may concern our furry friend’s health.

The outdoor activity and the increasing temperature, especially for more active dogs, increases the need to hydrate more frequently. The advice is therefore to always make available clean water for dogs, preferably carrying a bottle and a bowl in which it can drink, so as not to let the dog drink in any unsafe water source. Therefore, avoid puddles of water that can be sources of bacteria and contamination.

To provide support to your dog and prepare him for the warmer season, it is also advisable to adapt the diet. During the meals of the dog in this period it is advisable to prefer complete mono-protein foods, that is with a single protein source, based on fish that will give him a healthy and shiny coat and the right amount of energy to face intense days outdoors without weighing them down. As for us humans, in addition, dogs also derive many benefits from the consumption of fruit and vegetables, which thanks to the high content of fiber and water, can also be a cure-all for our furry dogs at the change in temperature.

Diet Flakes is the ideal ally to prepare dogs for the summer season with a quick integration. The steam-cooked cereals and legumes improve the assimilation of nutrients and facilitate digestion. Handy while travelling, ideal during stress time of our little friends and recommended for illness recovery. There are numerous benefits after a few weeks of use: fur that is shinier and brighter, more active intestinal system, greater vitality, ideal weight maintenance. Diet Flakes will help prepare the body to face the summer with energy and vitality. In fact, thanks to its natural blend of fibers and vegetables, it performs an effective dietetic-purifying function. You don’t need to change your dog’s diet, nor the brand of food you use, you just need to integrate it to pamper its well-being! The product suits all kind of dog nutrition: dry-, wet-, home cooked- or raw- food.

The warm season also invites to walks in green areas, meadows or fields. Even plants, however, can be a source of annoyance for our animal. It is good to pay attention to small pitfalls during physical activity in the open air in this season, especially in the periods of June and throughout the summer, dictated by the presence of small wild ears similar to those of wheat, commonly called “forasacchi” , composed of very small hooks that manage to sneak under the skin of the animal in various parts of the body. Quickly intervening when the ears of corn are still visible on the animal’s fur is essential, since they can sneak up on all parts of the animal’s body and when they stick into the dog’s nose, ears or eyes they can cause serious harm for his health.

Moreover, in the spring-summer parasites and insects such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and parrots see their maximum development. It is therefore advisable to carry out a preventive anti-parasite treatment against these external ones.

With these little notions in mind and paying attention to a light and balanced diet, the arrival of summer will no longer be afraid and we could give ourselves unforgettable moments together with our faithful four-legged friends!