Horse Feed | Flaked Cereals Line



For performance with a high sports activity.

Horse Feed | Flaked Cereals Line | Granpremium

Complementary feed for horses that contains energy and protein from different sources and of the first quality.
A well-balanced blend of cereals and legumes, highly digestible thanks to steam cooking and enriched with minerals and vitamins.


For heavy work horses.

Horse Feed | Flaked Cereals Line | Nutrimix

Steam-cooked flaked feed formulated to meet the special nutritional needs of high performance horses. The high feed is fortified with vitamins and minerals to provide the horse with the energy and nutritional needs during sports activity and may be combined with Wafer Fioc Light.


Performance and sport horse.

Horse Feed | Flaked Cereals Line | Granprix

Steam-cooked flaked feed suitable for horses with different nutritional requirements. An optimum balance of flaked cereals and legumes designed to provide an “extra sprint” to the horse,increasing quickly available energy.


For horse maintenance.

Horse Feed | Flaked Cereals Line | Energy Horse

Complementary high quality feed, an unique blend of steam-cooked flaked cereals and legumes, of high nutritional content, particularly tasty, palatable and digestible. It is formulated to improve the quality of the feed intake.


For all types of horses and ponies.

Horse Feed | Flaked Cereals Line | Multihorses

Complementary horse feed with higher digestibility, appropriate for horses with a medium sports activity. Flaked blend enriched with minerals and vitamins, designed to cover a wide range of nutrition needs, especially horses in light – medium work.


The essential nutrients.

Horse Feed | Flaked Cereals Line | Equimix

Steam-cooked flaked feed designed to cover a wide range of nutrition needs and to maintain the horse’s stamina and overall health. The feed is a balanced mixture of flaked cereals that provides essential nutrients to maintain optimum health and condition.